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Adding ballet as a supplement to an athlete’s workout is a great way to cross train and improve physical skills. Adrenaline Barre Fitness Training can complement any sport and is designed to tone muscles, develop body awareness and improve—strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, dexterity and agility. All of these attributes are key when improving core strength, discipline, endurance and most importantly injury prevention. Possessing a greater fundamental movement base will enhance body and spatial awareness and is essential for athletes. Adrenaline Barre Fitness Training can improve an athlete’s ability to run, jump and turn; thusly making a huge difference in playing capacity and injury avoidance. A customized ballet workout, designed specifically per sport and athlete will aide in strengthening muscles that are not typically used in the weight room, but are used frequently on the field or court.

Train Like a Pittsburgh Steeler!

Steelers nose tackle Steve McLendon at training camp at Saint Vincent College near Latrobe.  Peter Diana/Post-Gazette

Rick Reilly and producer on their toes for Monday Night Countdown feature on Steelers’ Steve McLendon - ESPN Front Row

Training Camp 2013: Steelers nose tackle keeps on his toes - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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320-pound Pittsburgh Steelers lineman is also a ballet dancer - USA Today

Steve McLendon: Ballet is 'harder than anything else I do' - CBS Sports

Steelers lineman Steve McLendon also a ballet dancer - Sports Glory

How it Works

Training classes are offered in a group class setting or in an individual private training session. Sessions are also available for entire teams or clubs. The instructor will customize a workout designed to accommodate the student’s needs and will focus on developing valuable skills that improve flexibility, core strength, range of motion, balance, control, speed and agility.

Ballet is a form of resistance training, and uses the athlete’s body weight to push into the floor during leg techniques, jumps, turns and other various dynamic movements. Exercises found in Adrenaline Barre Fitness Training strengthen, build up and maintain both bone density and muscles.

  • Ballet Turn Out — By rotating legs from the hips, correct turnout can strengthen smaller, more injury-susceptible muscles
  • Changement’ — Improves flexibility and the ability to move quickly and easily
  • Tendu’ — Enhances ankle and foot flexibility, which is seen to enhance agility and injury avoidance

True or False?

Common Misconceptions

Ballet is only for dancers

False: Although, ballet was originally designed for dancers, many athletes can benefit from the very same techniques found in a typical ballet class.

Ballet is “girly”

False: Adrenaline Barre Fitness Training does not require the typical wardrobe you would find in an average ballet class. Comfortable clothing, such as t-shirts and shorts, along with socks or bare feet would be the ideal attire for an Adrenaline Barre Fitness Training session. An Adrenaline Barre Fitness Training session differs from standard ballet classes; in that, the athlete will remain mainly at the barre for warm-up and then proceed to center floor for strength and conditioning exercises.

Ballet is an effective supplement for any athletic workout

True: Each Adrenaline Barre Fitness Training session is designed to fit the needs of the individual athlete/sport. All sessions will include exercises geared towards essential attributes that are key in any athlete’s performance.


"Adrenaline Barre Fitness is something new that athletes should do because all athletes want to take their game to the next level. In order to do that you have to think outside the box and that's exactly what this is. It's something that's going to make you more explosive and stronger in areas that the weight room or any other place will not give you. It helps prevent injuries, it helps with flexibility, and most of all it it helps you be an overall better athlete. Most guy's performances are based off dominating your opponent, and one way of assuring that is Adrenaline Barre Fitness. Greatness is not about your skills or your athletic ability, it's about your work ethic and the extra step or mile that you are willing to sacrifice. Your body is your temple and you should take care of it and that's the first step of greatness - sacrificing and doing something out of the ordinary. Thanks Stephanie for helping me step out of my box and helping me with my total body strength and fitness."
- Steve McLendon, Pittsburgh Steelers

"Barre Fitness brings a unique approach to training that can supplement a professional athlete in their workout regimen as well as transform the bodies of the everyday soccer mom. The handful of NFL athletes that do Barre Fitness training will tell you that there is no other form of training thus far that has been introduced yet that will escalate your flexibility, stability, core strength, athleticism, condition and explosiveness in such simple movements in such little time. I am proud to be working with an old college friend and admirable professional."
- Dana Brown, Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer , Owner Players 1st

Individual Sessions

Hour Session
One on one private instruction
Thirty Minute Session
One on one private instruction $65.00
One Hour Small Group
3-5 Students.
One Hour Large Group
Minimum of 6 Students
Varies/ # of Students


12 One Hour Sessions
One on one private instruction
9 One Hour Sessions
One on one private instruction
6 One Hour Sessions
One on one private instruction
3 One Hour Sessions
One on one private instruction
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