Adrenaline Barre Fitness offers various class options to fit all students’ needs.  The classes alternate between intense workouts that demand high energy and leisurely paced exercises with deep stretching.  Our instructors promise you will receive personal attention without the cost of a personal trainer!

By integrating muscle-shaping isometrics, fat-burning interval training, the grace of Ballet and the strength of Pilates – Adrenaline Barre Fitness was created under the guidance of a Physical Therapist to ensure a safe and effective way to shape and lift the entire body.  Each workout is designed to target the arms, abs, glutes and legs by combining static and dynamic movement.

What are the benefits of Adrenaline Barre Fitness?

  • Full body workouts designed to sculpt, tone, strengthen and slim
  • Increases body awareness, while connecting the mind and body
  • Rapidly shapes the body and strengthens the core
  • Aides in alignment and posture
  • Increases stamina and energy

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