Meet the Instructors

Stephanie Kibler, Owner & Creator

Stephanie Kibler migrated to the City of Pittsburgh in 2009 with plans to settle and begin a future.  Although she studied Behavioral Science at Duquesne University, by trade she is a dancer and enjoys the opportunity to train and instruct others.  From an early age Stephanie was drawn to the art of dance and the physical demands it posed.  As an adult she discovered there are many ways adults can benefit from the same technique a dancer uses to train.  Throughout the years Stephanie has been a dance instructor and has also used Barre Fitness to train athletes.  Stephanie hopes to bring an intense new approach to fitness and sports training to Pittsburgh.

Amanda Fitzgerald

Amanda was born and raised in Pittsburgh. She received her Master's degree in Criminology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Bachelor's degree in Criminology and Political Science.  In 2012 Amanda took her first Adrenaline Barre class and was hooked.  She found that it was not only an amazing workout, but it allowed her an alternative to her traditional routine while still achieving all the benefits.  She loves each and every time she attends class, the routine is different and she receives an amazing full body workout.  Additionally, Amanda has her teacher training certification with Yoga Flow.

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